Thanks to the unbelievable success of the GhostBook KickStarter, we were able to add more pages to the book and squeeze in 16 new artists, instead of the 5 we initially thought we could afford!

Also, we’ve been able to get a few extras made ahead of time! Here’s some shots of them. We were going to try and make a patch for a final stretch goal reward, but it’s just not able to happen, unfortunately. Though Hunter has been kind enough to thrown in a few new stickers!

There’s only 5 days left to the KickStarter!

New artists:
Hunter Bonyun
| Stephan McGowan | N. Gower-Wallis | Esther Ro
Stephanie Mote | Hailey Thurott | Feyuca | Rose Wong | Cathy L.
Catherine M. Miller | Parker R.A. | Danika Catchpole | Strangely Katie
Siobhan Keenan | Katie Ryan | Tiffany T. Le

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