Hey, everyone!

Because GhostBook was such a success, we were able to order a shitton to be printed! Which is great!
What’s not so great? Shy did inventory and organizing today and we have room in our storage for not even half of the books. So we’re putting a lot of stuff on clearance and sale to try and make some room! We’ve been hoping to raise some money for our cat’s dental care (she needs all her teeth out ’ n ‘) and for Coey’s top surgery, so it just seemed a good way to take care of a lot of things at once.

In addition to there being a lot of items on sale/on clearance, we’re also throwing in a free print for every $20 you spend, regardless if you buy sale items or regularly priced ones.

Please check it all out, and reblog! We need to clear out a lot of shit before all the GhostBooks get here x____x;;;

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    Thanks everyone who bought stuff during our sale! Because of the funds we were able to raise, we’re able to completely...
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    I reblogged this the other day when I first saw it, and went on to order a few items as well- got my stuff in the mail...
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